Traditional Song Forum


This website is a gateway to a number of useful resources for those interested in researching or performing traditional folk songs. It is also a record of the Traditional Song Forum’s activity since it was founded in 1998.

TSF is an open organisation – you will find out more about the organisation and how you can join it on the TSF FAQs page –  but the bottom line is that if you want to be a member you just made the first step by coming into this website. If you like what you find here then come back, contribute and become part of the Community! 


IMPORTANT! – There are three things that we need current and prospective members of TSF know about.

Firstly, we have recently decided that we will no longer seek a subscription for membership of TSF. We believe that the organisation should be open to anyone who has an interest in traditional song.  Find out more about becoming a member of TSF on the TSF FAQs page. 

We are planning to create a support group, The Friends of the Traditional Song Forum, who will make a financial contribution of an amount of their own choice to support our activities. More information about becoming a friend can be found on the News Page.

Thirdly, because of changes to Data Protection law we need all TSF members to complete a form giving us the authority to hold you personal data so that we can communicate with you. You can download the form HERE. Please complete it and send it back to the TSF secretary at the address given. Please do this immediately, if you have not already done so, as we will not be able to use your information after the end of April without this authority.