Friends of TSF

Early in 2018 we ended the practice of asking for an annual subscription for the Traditional Song Forum and opened the membership to anyone who wished to join and support the aims of the organisation. At that time, we said that we would create an associated voluntary organisation, The Friends of the Traditional Song Forum, as a means of raising money to help fund TSF activities and to create a core of active supporters.

The draft constitution for Friends of TSF was presented for discussion at the meeting in Newcastle in October 2018. Following the comments made at that meeting we have made some minor modifications to that document, which can be downloaded here. The organisation will come into being on 1 January 2019.

The management group of Friends of TSF are the officers of TSF (Steve Roud, Doc Rowe, Martin and Shan Graebe) with the addition of three others: Sue Allan, Steve Gardham, and Ruairidh Greig. Their roles are set out in the Constitution.

We are now inviting TSF members to sign up to Friends of TSF. We are asking Friends to contribute an amount of money of their own choice as a single payment annually. We have not set an upper limit but will accept any donation of £1 or greater. We will check with you if you wish to resubscribe in 2020 – though if you wish to create a standing order we would be very pleased.

There is absolutely no compulsion on TSF members to join Friends of TSF. The advantage of doing so is the knowledge that you are helping to ensure the future of this unique and valuable organisation and so play a part in supporting the study and performance of traditional song.

If you wish to become a Friend of TSF, please complete this form and send it to me and we will guide you to the next steps.

Martin Graebe (TSF Secretary)